SEO Overview

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the umbrella term for all the practices used to improve your site’s ranking in search results. … Read More

Theme: Divider

What is Divider feature Divider provides the possibility to add a horizontal line feature between other features on the website page:… Read More

Theme: Buttons

Buttons settings When you’ve added buttons to your site you’re able to customize the buttons style. By default, each template has its own buttons… Read More

Theme: Links

Links settings When you’ve added links to your site you’re able to customize the links’ style. By default, each template… Read More

Theme: Headings

What are headings? Headings help users and search engines to read and understand text. For example, they act as signposts for the… Read More

Theme: Fonts

Website font settings Choose a great font combo for your business branding and make your website more interesting for your visitors! By… Read More

Theme: Colors

Website color settings Change the colors of your website to suit your brand’s style! By default, each template has a professionally designed color theme but… Read More