Add a Browser Icon

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What is favicon?

A browser icon or a favicon is an image displayed next to the title of the website page in web browser.

Favicons make your site recognizable among the opened sites in other browser tabs. All the sites built with Hello Website Builder have the Hello Website Builder’s logo displayed in browser tabs by default. You can replace the default Hello Website Builder logo favicon with icon of your choice.

How to replace the default Hello Website Builder logo favicon with the browser icon of your choice

  • Click SETTINGS in the left-hand sidebar of the Hello Website Builder

  • Click General under SETTINGS

  • drag and drop an image for the favicon into the UPLOAD IMAGE frame, keeping in mind these limitations:
    • maximum allowed image size is 1024×1024 pixels,
    • minimum allowed image size is 16×16 pixels.

  • Alternatively, click the UPLOAD IMAGE frame to locate the image on your computer:

  • The image will immediately appear in the browser icon frame under General Settings in Hello Website Builder

Published site result

The new favicon will replace the old one on the live website once you publish it.