Embed Block

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The Embed Block feature allows you to add external content from third-party sources to your website through pasting the embed code. Here are the steps on how to add the Embed Block to Editor.

1. In the Hello Website Builder, hover your mouse to the right sidebar and click BUILD (green button).

2. Under FEATURES section, click ADVANCED.

3.  Drag and drop the Embed Block to the area of the page that you want it to be positioned.

4. There are two ways to add or paste the codes:

  • Click on ADD EMBED. Start pasting the codes once the Embedded Content pop up window appears.

  • Hover on the Embed Block feature and click on EDIT. You can paste the codes once the Embedded Content pop up window appears.

5. Once the codes has been pasted, you will see the content added instantly to your page.

This Embed Block feature is very helpful when you need to add embed videos, images and other content to your website via scripting (codes) from external sources.

The Embed Block with External Site by URL

To embed an external site:

1. Switch embed type to link

2. Enter the website’s address (URL) into Link field.

NOTE: You can only embed websites which HTTP/HTTPS protocol corresponds to the website primary domain. Some HTTP sites may not be displayed in editor, but appear on publish.

You can adjust embed content height to larger or smaller. (Smaller will create a scrollable box for the item).  With Embed Link type this option is always enabled. For Embed Code type simply disable ADAPT TO FULL HEIGHT option.