Post Editor Settings – Sidebar

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Open a sidebar by clicking the toggle:

Adding Tags

Add Tags to let visitors know what your story is about:

The tag is added:

Adding Preview Image

Add an image to the post in two ways:

1. Click an image area to open the Upload Image dialog and locate the image on your computer:

2. Place an image using Drag & Drop:

The preview image of the post appears on the blog page. You may choose any image for preview:

Displaying cover photo

To display a cover photo of your post turn the switch on:

The photo appears as the cover of the post:

Excerpt Setting

To modify Excerpt enter the custom text into the field. Otherwise the Excerpt will be shown by default.

The Excerpt appears on the blog page:

Social Sharing Buttons

In case you want your post to be shared with other people select and turn the switch on:

The Social Sharing Buttons appear at the end of the post:

Post Comments

To let the people comment your post select “Post Comments” and turn the switch on:

The comments appear at the end of the post: