Post View Settings in Pages Settings/Post Settings

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For Post View Settings setup go to Pages in the left sidebar:

Press Settings Icon via hovering (on the right side from the post name):

Posts Preview

Go to the “Posts Preview” to switch between posts.

Post Previews and Cover Photo features are designed to work only with Grid or List Blog Page Settings.


Choose the format from the dropdown menu. The style is set as Standard by default (when option Hero is selected “Banner Height” appears):

A Hero image is a large main photo that users see that is pinned to the top of the page or to the banner.  Hero images help to make impactful first impressions, optimize visual hierarchy, and add personalization to your Blog page.

Here is an illustration of Blog post with Hero format:

Banner Height

By choosing the “Hero” format you can select “Tall”, “Medium” or “Short” banner height. The height is set as “Medium” by default:

Tall looks like this:

Short looks like this:

Post Width

Choose the post width from the dropdown menu. The width is set as Standard by default:

Narrow width looks like this:

Wide width looks like this:

Meta Settings

If you want meta to be displayed put the switch on:

Alignment Settings

The alignment is set to the left by default. Select the desired alignment from the dropdown menu:

Select “Center” if you want the Title and Meta to be centered:

Select “Right” if you want the Title and Meta to be aligned to the right:

Post navigation

If you want a Post Navigation to be displayed under the posts put the switch on:

Social Sharing

If you want a Social Sharing to be displayed under the posts put the switch on: