Connecting Third-Party Domains

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You can connect a domain you own from a third-party domain provider to your website from the left-hand sidebar of the Hello Website Builder.

To connect a third-party domain, open the Account Manager, hover over the site with the mouse cursor and click the Edit button that appears:

In the  left-hand sidebar of the Site Builder that appears, click SETTINGS > Domains:

Click CONNECT DOMAIN (1), enter a valid domain URL (2), click CONTINUE (3), click the domain name under CONNECTED (4), click DNS SETTINGS (5):

The DNS SETTINGS table that appears contains the DNS (Domain Name System) entries you need to connect your third-party domain.

Log into your third-party domain provider to manage these DNS settings, as explained below:

  1. Register a type A site with the IP address received from Hello Website Builder (refer to the bottom row of the DNS SETTINGS table).
  2. Set up redirect from www to the registered type A site (see the middle row of the DNS SETTINGS table for all the necessary data).
  3. Set up another redirect using the password generated by Hello Website Builder and displayed in the leftmost cell of the top row of the DNS SETTINGS table: ca70e0f1eb890940 in the above example.

It might take from 15 minutes to 2 hours for the third-party domain to connect, depending on the third-party domain provider and a wide range of other factors. The domain is connected when all the statuses in the DNS SETTINGS table are set to ConnectedTIP: Click the REFRESH button to view the updated statuses.

Your build-in domain is set to PRIMARY by default. This is the domain visitors will see when accessing your site. Visitors from all the secondary domains you connect to your site will be redirected to the primary domain.

You can make any of your CONNECTED secondary domains primary with a mere click of the MAKE PRIMARY DOMAIN button.