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What Are Features?

A feature is a ready-made layout element, such as a Text item, Heading, Photo, Video, Button, Icon, Form, Map, or Facebook Like, which you can use to build your custom professionally looking website pages with Hello Website Builder.

Locate the feature you need in the library of features (outlined in pink in the above screenshot), drag and drop it onto an available placeholder, and customize the feature to suit your needs.

To customize a feature, select it to display the editing menu and replace the selected sample content with the actual content you would like to appear on your site instead. You can then modify the selected element with the help of the editing menu to suit your needs.

This section explains how to manage and customize features available in Hello Website Builder Library.

Adding Features

You can access the library of ready-made features from the left-hand sidebar of the Hello Website Builder by clicking BUILD:

Drag the feature from the FEATURES library (left-hand sidebar of the Hello Website Builder):

and drop it onto one of the available placeholders which are highlighted in pink when you drag the feature over them.

Click or select a feature to display the menu that allows you to modify the item.

Moving Features

To move a feature, hover over its upper edge with the mouse cursor to display the moving control:

  • Click the moving control and drag the feature from one placeholder onto another.
  • Drop the feature into the desired location, onto a highlighted in red placeholder. The feature acquires the size of the selected placeholder.

Resizing Features

You can resize features vertically and horizontally in Hello Website Builder.

To resize a feature vertically, hover over it with the mouse cursor, click the resizing control that appears at the bottom of the feature, and drag it upwards or downwards. 

When done resizing, drop the control to save the change and stop resizing.

To resize a feature horizontally, hover over it to display parallel vertical lines to the right and to the left of it. Drag one of these vertical lines and drop the line when done resizing.

Similarly, you can resize a feature which is part of a section by dragging one of the vertical lines to the right or to the left. All the features that are part of the section will be resized to identical lengths.

Deleting Features

To delete a feature, hover over it and click the Delete button [x] in its top right-hand corner that appears.

The feature will be immediately removed.