Understanding Domains

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A domain name is the web address of your site. Visitors use this web address to locate your site on the Internet.

Hello Website Builder provides you with the free configurable Hello Website Builder’s subdomain that never expires for the site you build.

Hello Website Builder also allows you to connect as many third-party domains to the site as you need to expand your online presence, direct traffic to your website, and help you build clientele.

You are free to choose which one of the domains, Hello Website Builder or third-party, is to be the primary domain for your site. Your primary domain is the domain visitors will see when accessing your site. All other domains associated with your site will redirect to the primary domain.

You can connect and manage domain names for your site from SETTINGS in the left-hand sidebar of the Site Builder.

To access the Site Builder, open the Dashboard, hover over the site with the mouse cursor and click the Edit button that appears in the center of the site.