Using Hello Website Builder Domain

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The site you build with Hello Website Builder can always be accessed from the free Hello Website Builder’s domain and will never expire.

To configure the free Hello Website Builder’s domain, open the Dashboard, hover over the site with the mouse cursor and click the Edit button that appears:

In the left-hand sidebar of the Site Builder that appears, click SETTINGS > Domains:

In SETTINGS, under Domains, you can configure the free Hello Website Builder’s domain. Your site can always be accessed from this domain and will never expire.

The default Hello Website Builder’s site address is automatically generated by Hello Website Builder from the email address associated with your Hello Website Builder account based on the following principles:

  • symbols, such as dots and underscores, from the email address are replaced with hyphens;
  • the part of the Hello Website Builder account email address preceding the @ symbol (with hyphens instead of the original symbols), in your site address, is followed by a random set of numbers and letters.
  • the part of your domain name is set in stone.

For example, a user with the email address may have these default Hello Website Builder site addresses generated for her:,,, etc.

To modify your free Hello Website Builder site address, click it under DOMAINS (1), then click inside the SITE ADDRESS field and type the new site address (2), and click Rename (3).

When modifying the default Hello Website Builder’s site address, keep in mind the following naming rules and limitations. The free Hello Website Builder’s site address:

  • must be 2 to 256 symbols long,
  • may contain numbers 0 – 9 and Latin letters,
  • must not contain these characters: @:%_+.~#?&//=,
  • must not contain certain bad words, as well as combinations of bad words and numbers.

You won’t be able to register a domain name that is already taken.

Your free Hello Website Builder domain is set to PRIMARY by default. This is the domain visitors will see when accessing your site. Visitors from all the secondary domains you connect to your site will be redirected to the primary domain.

You can make any of your connected secondary domains primary with a mere click of the MAKE PRIMARY DOMAIN button.