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Links settings

When you add links to your site, you can customize the link style. 

By default, each template has its own link style but you can easily customize it.

Links settings are global and will be applied to all website pages.

How to change links’ style?

Step 1. You can access the Links settings from the left sidebar of the Site Editor by clicking THEME:

Step 2. Hover over the “Links” button and click it to open the links settings menu:

Link styles

We give you 6 different links’ styles.  Click the style selector to access them and choose the one you like:

To see how the link style looks like hover over the sample text.

The new links’ style will be applied immediately throughout your website:

Customizing link style

You can also customize the chosen link style. The editing options are:

  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Underline
  • Strikethrough

And of course, you can change the color of the links to make them stand out.

How to reset link style?

To restore the default link style click the RESET button in the link settings menu:

Confirm your choice by clicking YES:

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