Page Descriptions

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Page descriptions, also known as meta descriptions, are short pieces of text that provide potential site visitors with a summary of what your page is about.

While not visible on the page itself, they appear in your site code letting search engines know how you want the web page to appear in search results.

Tips for writing effective SEO page descriptions

  • Keep the text between 50-160 characters;
  • As with page titles, it is important that the description of each page is unique, it helps to promote your site in search engines;
  • Optimize your descriptions with keywords, but avoid keyword stuffing;
  • Think about what your visitors are searching for, and how you can encourage them to click through to your site. For example, how does your site, page, or product solve a problem they have?

To add or change your page description:

  • click the PAGES icon in the left sidebar of the Site Builder:

  • hover over the desired page and click the Settings icon that appears to the right of it:

  • add a description:

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